For over quarter century Owen Brothers has created some of the finest public and private landscapes on Long Island. We are an exception in our ability to execute every element of the project in-house, with remarkable control and efficiency. By investing in our own equipment and assembling our teams from an in-house pool of qualified, experienced and insured personnel, we maintain efficiency, responsiveness and quality control for superior project results.


All members of the Owen team – from the gardeners to the machine operators and the management – work together as one. Each team is assebled with all the necessary expertise for the job. Our philosophy is to promote from within to ensure good work ethic and structured, ground-up experience for all emplyees. The majority of our staff members have been with us for well over a decade.

The majority of our staff members have been with us for well over a decade.


"You know, when I think back it makes sense now, how I got here." says Jeff Owen, President of Owen Brothers, "I worked on golf courses since I was twelve years old, and then when I was attending the School of Visual Arts in New York, I worked for other landscaping companies and mowed lawns to support myself. Now I still have the opportunity to create, but instead of using, say, paint or clay, I get to use organic materials - and on a much larger scale."

Large trees are a special area of interest for Jeff, and he has on many occasions committed company resources in order to rescue healthy older specimens in danger of being cut down and discarded. "I love large trees," he says, "When someone wants to get rid of them for no reason, I can't let that happen". A union equipment operator, Jeff still takes a hands-on approach to his work. Despite running a growing company, it's not at all unusual to see Jeff jump into a pay loader and do whatever needs to be done on a job site.

An avid golfer and Trustee for the Village of Old Field, Jeff has over 25 years experience in landscape development. He is admittedly proud of Owen Brothers' excellent reputation and, though satisfied with having built a well-respected company, looks forward to bringing Owen Brothers' expertise and approach to new areas.

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"I like taking something that's on paper and making it happen – making it real," says Joe Calise, Production Manager for Owen Brothers. "For me, it's all about getting the end result right."

An expert mason who holds a number of advanced certifications, Joe's love of building led to a masonry apprenticeship with his uncle starting at age 13. "In a way, I really did learn from the ground up," he says. "I began to see how every step in the process worked and now, twenty years in, I can see the whole picture and understand how to keep a project moving, regardless of what might come up."

"I also understand that even when challenges occur – and they do over the course of a big project – we always have a commitment to our clients first, and have to figure out the most efficient solutions."

When he's not on-site with Owen, Joe serves as Captain in the Middle Island Fire Department. "I like to help people, and I like to give back," he says. "It's a big commitment, but it means a lot."

"I'm never content," says Joe. "I like to keep growing. I think that's why I like it here at Owen – we share the same mindset, so it's a perfect fit."

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With 15 years experience in Landscape Design, Chris Millmann came by his profession in a somewhat unusual way. "To be honest, I was just curious about the differences between Maple trees" he says, "It was really that simple. I took a few courses, one thing led to another and I fell in love with it."

Chris holds degrees in Landscape Design and Horticulture as well as additional Certifications in AutoCAD and Mechanical Drawing, among others. Despite his technological proficiency, he creates all of his initial renderings and elevations by hand before transferring them to the computer.

"There's something organic about hand-drawing." he says, "For me, the process of using my hands first somehow allows me to 'see' things better, to get a better feel for how design elements will really work."

An admitted tinkerer and lifelong learner, Chris counts finished carpentry and automotive restoration among his hobbies. Not surprisingly, this same drive to create and renovate influences his approach to his work: "I like putting it all together," says Chris, "Not everything's a scratch build — some landscapes get wrecked, and I love that we get to come in and re-create them, and bring them back to a beautiful state. Plus, we create so much value when we do that — the end result is very satisfying."

"We were really taken by the nuances of Chris' designs" said one client " We'd seen a number of sketches from other designers before meeting Chris, but his sense of balance and proportion really made his work stand out — nothing was too heavy. Everything flowed."

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"You would think after spending all my time outside every day I'd want to be indoors when I'm not at work, but really the opposite's true," says Tim Morstadt, Maintenance Manager for Owen Brothers. "Getting out on the water to do some fishing is the best way for me to get away from it all and relax. For me, there's always been a lot more enjoyment in ‘doing' rather than sitting."

That same philosophy of staying in motion seems to frame every aspect of Tim's life and, after two decades in landscape construction, it's really the primary driver behind his decision to take on a new role at Owen Brothers. "When the opportunity to move into management first came up I needed to make sure I'd be out in the field and hands-on – not stuck in an office every day," he says. "Luckily for me, Owen's given me the chance to apply what I know in new ways and be on-site most of the time. It's really been terrific."

Coming to a management position in Landscape Maintenance from a deep background encompassing all aspects of landscape construction, Tim brings solid experience to his role at Owen.

"Having an understanding of underlying structure and how all of the elements of a well-planned landscape are connected gives me a unique perspective," he says. "Because I understand how it's all built and how it's meant to function I can be more proactive, instead of reactive, when setting up a client's maintenance program. It really lets us stay ahead of potential problems."

Although many of the properties he manages are large private estates and waterfront homes in some of Long Island's most exclusive areas, Tim notes that he must find a balance between the perfect and the practical for most clients. "Sure, everything needs to look great all of the time, but most of our clients don't want a ‘museum piece' that they can't enjoy," he says. "What they really want is a place that's elegant but that they can also really enjoy with their children or grandchildren." Being aware of this and in communication with his clients enables Tim and the team at Owen to plan, plant and maintain natural features that can stand up to activity yet still remain beautiful.

"I'll take anything that's a challenge. That's what I like and that's what everyone here at Owen is about. It's a great fit."

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Instead of solely relying on a single project manager, we employ a team of professionals always mindful of project goals and encouraged to provide input. This management team acts as the hub, controlling projects – not from offices far away – but from on-site, every day. Our hierarchical command structure does not dictate that communications only flow in one direction; instead, we encourage and give equal weight to the observations and suggestions of every crewmember. This structured yet flexible, people-driven management model enables us to ensure that projects run on time, on budget, and to both our own and our client's exacting standards.


Providing a safe work environment for both ourselves and our clients is always the first order of business. Safety training and compliance in all phases provides peace-of-mind for both ourselves and our clients, and uninterrupted workflow throughout the project phases.

Each member of our staff is:

  • OSHA-10 certified
  • Drug tested on a regular basis
  • Specially trained for every piece of equipment used
  • Required to wear uniforms, safety vests, hard hats and protective work boots on-site during all construction phases
  • Required to fully comply with state and regional laws